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HP Elitebook Laptop running hot

  daz60 22:42 06 Sep 2016

I know that these have a reputation for doing so and at the moment mine is very hot with one core,i7 dual core model,hitting 90 degrees regularly and the other between 84-86 according to coretemp.

Would a cooling stand like targus help,my exhaust vents are very hot but they are on the top right hand side so not sure if fan placement would help.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 08:57 07 Sep 2016

Try before you buy

make a cooling block from a couple of freezer cool box ice packs in a plastic babag and sit the machine on them, then see what happens temperature wise.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:44 07 Sep 2016 the moment mine is very hot.............

If it used to run a lot cooler then it's almost certainly overheating because of a build up of fluff and dust that's compromising the colling system. Thankfully there's a cheap and very quick solution:

Get yourself a can of compressed air with a plastic tube like this one. Turn the laptop off, remove its battery then hold down its power button for a few seconds. Don't shake the can and keep it upright at all times and squirt air into all the vents. Some of the dust and debris will exit via another vent and what remains will be moved to somewhere away from the cooling components.

That should be all that's required - there's no need to buy expensive cooling mats nor faff around with ice packs.

Don't forget to return with some feedback.

  robin_x 10:23 07 Sep 2016

No need to shop at rip off merchants either

Compressed Air Duster 200ml

  Secret-Squirrel 10:39 07 Sep 2016

Robin, that one may be £1 but it doesn't appear to come with the plastic tube I mentioned. The reason I've always used one like that is because the temperature of the air as it leaves the can may be very cold which could in theory introduce a tiny bit of moisture inside the laptop. The plastic tube allows the compressed air to warm up a bit on its way.

  robin_x 13:22 07 Sep 2016

It does come with the tube.

  Secret-Squirrel 15:55 07 Sep 2016

Thanks for that Robin.

  Secret-Squirrel 17:10 07 Sep 2016

Robin, can you confirm that you've used the Poundland "air duster" for the task we're discussing here and can recommend it? The reason I ask is that some of these Amazon reviews suggest that it also sprays out liquid solvent, which if true, won't do the insides of a laptop much good.

  robin_x 17:40 07 Sep 2016

I have used it for blowing out my laptops and just tried mine again.

There's a brief vapour/mist which instantly disappears. Then blows clear.

  daz60 18:35 07 Sep 2016

Thanks for the replies try after my operation, weekend hopefully.

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