HP dvd840i dvd writer problem

  Bruz 18:27 27 Feb 2006

My Hp dvd840i dvd lightscribe writer will not read a commercial dual layer dvd. Also when the dvd is in the drive Xp pro sp2 reports that the drive is a dvd-ram drive.
Any Ideas.


  recap 18:40 27 Feb 2006

Check your Device Manager for any errors.

You could also check the Event Log, if you are using W2000 or XP.

  Bruz 22:28 27 Feb 2006

Thanks recap for your input but the event log shows HP dvd480b as dvdrom drive as well.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 09:08 28 Feb 2006

Mine shows as a DVD Ram as well, not to worry. Have you got the autoplay set up to enable the film to play in whatever player you have.

  Bruz 17:10 28 Feb 2006

Thank you Hertz for your input, I have tried everything and I am beginning to believe that it is just one one of those dvd disks that only plays in certain drives. It plays in a cheep dvd player and a Lite on dual layer writer. I copied it and the copy plays, so I will put it down to experience and move on. Thanks to you all for your help.
Cheers Bruz

  Bruz 22:18 10 Mar 2006

Further to my last posting, I purchased a liteon combo drive to replace my old cd re-writer. To my complete surprise it also fails to read dual layer dvds most of the time. I have used several commercial dvds and it happens with them all. I tried copied ones and for the most part it is still the same, both drives read them when they want to. I have to eject and replace the dvds over and over again before they boot up.
If I put a 4.7 gig in the response is instant but dual layer the drives just do not want to know about.
Anyone got any ideas?

  Hertz Van Rentyl 00:13 11 Mar 2006

What burning software do you have?

  Bruz 07:06 11 Mar 2006

Nero and I use powerdvd 6 to play the dvds.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 13:12 11 Mar 2006

I am not saying that your problems might be associated with the mix of PowerDVD and Nero, all I can say is that when I first got my new computer I found that by removing PowerDVD not using Nero InCD,easy write reader and Nero media player things ran a lot smoother. Of course I am sure there are many people running all this stuff quite happily but a bit of tinkering may show up something. Have you associated a video player in the autoplay tab on the drive as you have a choice. (Assuming you have Show Time)

  Bruz 17:22 11 Mar 2006

I have not installed Nero InCd and I never use media player, I tried to associate Powerdvd in autoplay and it made no difference, so I set it to ask me to select a program when the disk booted up but the disk very rarely boots up.
I will change all my media settings to powerdvd and see if that alters any thing.
Thanks for your input.

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