HP desktop slow from day 1

  Laura E Walker 00:50 04 Sep 2018

I bought a new HP desktop (Intel core i5 etc), cheap one for around £500 a few months back. It has been slow from day 1 and takes ages to load up. It takes ages to move from webpage to webpage. If you have too many applications open, it freezes. It is slower than one I had 12 years ago. I was really busy when I bought it, so I carried on regardless. I now want to try and sort it. It is usable, but very frustating. If you try to do too much with it, you risk it crashing or freezing for 10 minutes. As you can probably guess my knowledge of computers is poor. It is windows (10 I think). The operating system looks like it would work better on a tablet. I want to use it to download and read academic articles and write on windows, play occasional music from Youtube in the background. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

  Laura E Walker 00:52 04 Sep 2018

Sorry that should say write on word! Up late.

  wee eddie 09:01 04 Sep 2018

HP pre-install a lot of programmes that give them a kickback when used.

It sounds,to me, that your screen is incorrectly set up.

I'm on my phone at the present but but others will talk you through removing all these programs from Start-up and removing those that you don't need

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:54 04 Sep 2018

Give us the model number so we can check the specs.

Ctrl + Alt+ Del to bring up task manager - look in the startuo tab and tell us what is listed in there.

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