HP Desktop PC - screen gone blank

  zzzz999 08:32 21 Mar 2010


I would appreciate some of your sound advice and help.

Was literally reading a newspaper on line when the screen went blank (black), computer was making all of the correct working noises. I shut down and restarted and the screen came back on and went through its start up procedures. After about 2 minutes in went blank again. Since I have closed down and restarted (computer continues to make the right noises but the screen remains blank).

Any ideas?

  Technotiger 09:02 21 Mar 2010

Could be any number of reasons - have you been 'inside' the case recently? Something could have been disturbed, check ALL connections/leads inside and outside of tower. Check and re-seat (even if they look ok) all RAM sticks and Graphics card.

  Technotiger 09:05 21 Mar 2010

While inside making those checks, give the inside of case a good clean-out, removing all dust/fluff etc especially around fans and grills/air vents.

  sharpamat 11:14 21 Mar 2010

With most HPs on the inatial bootup screed is the option ( Belive its F11 ) to run a hardware test.If you have a spare motitor put that on and you can exclude a fault there
it may be an idea to post a little more detail on age of system and connection to the Monitor. If HMDI check the connection are both fully in

  zzzz999 05:30 22 Mar 2010

Thanks guys. I'll open the case tonight and do the checks (and cleaning) you suggest. PC is circa 4 years old, bog standard HP Pavillion which is connected directly to the broadband box via ethernet cable .

  zzzz999 06:59 23 Mar 2010

A quick update.

Cleaned the casing of the dust and fluff. Check for any loose connections, there appeared none, fans all seem to be working. Tried it first thing this morning and as usual it loads up as normal, screen operates as normal for about 4 minutes then suddenly all is blank. I suspect there is a link between the machine warming up and something failing.

  Technotiger 08:34 23 Mar 2010

Could be an early indication that the PSU may be on its last legs! I trust you do have everything important backed-up!

Or could be the monitor about to die - can you try the monitor on another PC, or try a different monitor on this PC?

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