HP desktop completely is weird

  Sapins 10:50 10 Jul 2018

My wife's hp desktop is not responding to what was 'normal' before, it appears to be Avast anti virus and or Avast secure browser that are causing the problem. Just a couple of examples, cannot delete any avast files, left mouse click will not work, but, right click will if return key is pressed my wife has found some keys to get round some of the problems , the rest of the problems are weird to say the least, the big problem is she has a very large number of craft files in the download folder which have to be saved, so, how can we clear everything but keep these files, until we buy another computer as we have tried everything to resolve this, I have never come across these weird problems before. Unfortunately System restore has not been running.

Sorry for the way I have tried to explain the problem, I am feeling shell shocked with going round in circles. If you have any questions please tell us, although we would just like to save the craft files, the desktop can be disposed of.

  [DELETED] 11:17 10 Jul 2018

If you have another laptop/PC can you remove the hard drive and connect it via a usb caddy to get the files. On the PC/laptop you connect the drive to, you might have to take ownership of the files, here's a link how to but the registry hacks are downloadable near the end of the article. click here .

Once successfully copied the files insert the drive back to original PC and do a clean install of Windows.

  Sapins 12:27 10 Jul 2018

Hello rdave13, thank you from both of us, We have found a way to save them to my iMac so we'll give that a try and let you know how we get on.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:10 10 Jul 2018

HAve you tried removing AVAST - it is an antivirus program so it will resit removal incase malware is trying to removeit.

click here download and run avastclear to remove Avast.

Then try repairing your system if windows 10 do a RESET - settings Update and security - recovery - rest and use the option to reset retaining your data.

  Sapins 12:19 13 Jul 2018

Tried to use migration assistants on Mac, no problems there, tried on desktop, when the first page loaded I could not change to accepting the user agreement, nothing I do will let me do this !

  Sapins 16:16 27 Aug 2018

Problem solved, not keeping HP have bought a new mac foe me and my wife is busy getting used to my previous mac

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