HP Deskjet problems

  aitch 15:35 14 Feb 2003

I have an HP deskjet 500c, 9yrs old but working OK. I have tried to connect it to my second computer running win 89SE. I have checked and loaded the drivers, its recognised by the computer and yet it will not print. I can get the printer to print a test page by itself, but not through the set up procedure when loded into the computer. I have been to the HP site for tchnincal help and followed all their instruction as is relevant. All to no avail. Have deleted/ reinstall port/ tried serial as well as parallel cables. Taken off background printing as well as checking device manager/ settings etc,etc, for any conflicts(none as it happens). I'm at a loss as to what else to do as I have seem to have covered everything but is ther something that I have missed. Any help appreciated, regards, Aitch

  Gongoozler 16:08 14 Feb 2003

Hi aitch. Have you downloaded and installed the latest Windows 98 drivers? click here

  aitch 15:57 15 Feb 2003

Yes, have downloaded and installed all the latest drivers, but still no joy. Have also used the systen diagnosis programme that I have and nothing has been found to cause a conflict. It would seem that whist the printer works independently for printing a test page I cannot get anything printed via the computer. The 2 cables I have tried are new, but I cannot seem to get them to work and print a test page or a document from the computer. I am getting a general printing error message and it is as if the printer is loading up with the sounds that it makes as it prepares to take a sheet frorm the paper feed tray before it come to a halt. Regards, Aitch

  howard60 16:39 15 Feb 2003

set to the wrong type. Ports can be standard - epp and I think ecp an old printer will probably need the standard setting - done in the bios.

  aitch 18:53 16 Feb 2003

thanks for the suggestion, but ports are ok, so i'm still searching! Regards, Aitch

  misery 19:20 16 Feb 2003

checked tomake sure there is no paper stuck within the machine. My 815c has a habit of trying to pull two sheets at the same time, one of which is printed and the other sticks at the back of the machines throat! Have to shut down printer and open up. Could be worth a look.

  aitch 09:13 17 Feb 2003

Have taken the covers off the printer and checked that there is no paper stuck there. Everything is clear, and not even a significant build up of dust etc. thanks for the suggestion,regards,Aitch

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