hp deskjet f4180 and windows 7

  stormrider123 01:32 03 Jan 2011

hi i have an deskjet f4180 printer which i would like to install on windows 7 but my disk is only for xp and vista so i downloaded the latest of hp website everything goes fine until the end of the install it stays at configuring product for like 15 min then it says a fatal error has occured during installation

can any one plz help

  mgmcc 08:11 03 Jan 2011

Did you definitely download the correct version of the driver, i.e. the 32-bit or 64-bit depending on your version of Win 7?

  stormrider123 13:32 03 Jan 2011

Mammc yes i downloaded the correct version 32 bit and i was wonderin when the all in one software prompts me to plug in and turn on my printer and i do it while the hp software is connecting it windows tries to install the drivers as well could it be that these are both conflicting causing the error

  jimv7 14:51 03 Jan 2011

Win 7 has the f4100 series divers in its driver data base, go to add printer, hp scroll to f4100 series.

  stormrider123 17:54 03 Jan 2011

jimv7 i checked the list but hp desk jet f4100 series is not there there are loads of others but my one isn't there so what can i do plz i have alot of docs that need printing

  morddwyd 19:41 03 Jan 2011

Firstly HP software has a nasty habit of hanging at 96% on the install cycle.

It is known and discussed on their forums.

Secondly, a failed installation is a bit of a trial to correct, you have to do a Level 3 uninstall - the ordinary uninstall leaves too much garbage behind.

Load your original HP disc and navigate to \util\ccc\uninstall_L3.bat and run it.

Using Explorer manually remove all remaining HP dross.

Now go to control panel and uninstall your printer.

Reboot and allow windows to find and install the correct driver, it will automatically find the best one, which may not be the one that HP thinks is best!

You should now be able to print - you do not need the HP software for the printer to work, Win 7 will take care of that for you.

If you get this far print off those important docs!

Make sure you have the most up to date software

click here

Now try the install.

You may have to do this procedure more than once.

HP make good printers but crap software!

  mern 20:48 03 Jan 2011

Thanks for all your advice. I am a bit of a coward so I think I will just grin and bear it rather than trying to fix the problem. It just means it will take a little while longer to e-mail something I have scanned, but thats life. Thanks once again for taking the trouble to respond

  stormrider123 00:36 11 Jan 2011

Morddwd how do i do an l3 uninstall if i dont have the disc becuase i downloaded the software of hp to make sure it was the latest and also i got onthe phone with hp like usual they said im sorry we cant help you cuz u hve ran out of warranty but i tried tellin them tht it was there software thts buggy not my hardware and they said "well ive seen the exact same software work on other windows 7 compiters succesfully so it must be ur pc" tht was an actual quote

  stormrider123 00:38 11 Jan 2011

And also is there anyway i can get just the basic driver rather than the whole software package

  morddwyd 08:19 11 Jan 2011

I don't know of any way of doing a Level 3 uninstall without the original disc.

It's not possible to do it with downloaded software because it doesn't "de-compress" into various folders.

To get the basic drivers, remove all the HP programmes using Control Panel as normal, manually remove anything that's left, uninstall the printer and then re-boot.

Windows will find the driver and install it.

  stormrider123 18:46 12 Jan 2011

finally done it i had to uninstall an unknown device device manager then restart and let it reinstall and after that turn on my printer and it automatically installed it i haven't bothered with the all in one software i like hps hardware but hp software suck so badly lol the same problem has happened on 3 diffrent pc as well so its not my hardware lol but hp dont believe me

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