HP Deskjet 840 question

  chrismuir 22:21 21 Mar 2008

My parents got a new PC, which means loads of questions for me! They connected their printer to the PC (Win XP home SP2) and it works fine but every time they try to print the printer does not automatically turn itself on. It used to do it fine on their old pc, same OS, so am confused. Is there a simple fix for this?


  GaT7 22:47 21 Mar 2008

Never heard of a printer automatically turning itself on just for printing! Usually they (HPs included) have a power-on button somewhere, which needs to be turned on before printing.

Are you sure they didn't have it switched on all the while with the previous PC? Can you reconnect to the old PC to confirm whether this is the case or not?

If all fails, can they not just power it on before printing? That's what I have to do with my HP Deskjet 640c. G

  chrismuir 22:51 21 Mar 2008

My Deskjet 710 does it as well when printing. Yeah, they can just turn it on themselves, just wanted to see if I could get it working as it used to.

  GaT7 23:12 21 Mar 2008

Set a System Restore point, then try a driver uninstall/reinstall. Get drivers from HP, rather than allowing WinXP install its own. To download the drivers from HP click here. G

  chrismuir 23:51 21 Mar 2008


Will try that when next at their house.

  DieSse 23:52 21 Mar 2008

Printers never automatically turn themselves on.

As Crossbow says - there is a power button that the user has to press to turn the printer on. Of course you can (do what I do) leave the printer on all the time.

Are you sure you really mean "turn it on" and not something else?

  GaT7 00:16 22 Mar 2008

"Of course you can (do what I do) leave the printer on all the time." - not good for the environment DieSse ;-), G

  DieSse 00:21 22 Mar 2008

Everything I leave on produces a bit of heat - therefore I use a bit less gas for heating.

Don't get me started on "the environment"!

But we don't have our heating on anymore - it's warm enough here without it. :-p

  chrismuir 14:15 22 Mar 2008

Well, it may be in a standby mode I guess. But the power light (green) on the printer is not on, and when I send a document to print the power light then lluminates and the printer starts working without me touching it.

  Paul M 16:23 22 Mar 2008

I used to have a Deskjet printer and I seem to remember that if it was just left on all the time it went into standby mode after a while (it consumed about only 4 watts on standby).

  GaT7 17:30 22 Mar 2008

Sorry, you guys are right. I've now discovered that some Deskjet printers (including the 840c & 710c) have the 'standby' function. G

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