Jada 09:18 10 Aug 2004

Hello all

I have had a deskjet 720c for about 5 years now. Not used a lot, and has never given me any problems until now. For some reason it will not print green, and when printing black and white phhoto's it has a blueish tint???

I have tried changing both the colour and black cartidges but still have the same problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance


  Jada 09:51 10 Aug 2004

Someone must have an answer....PLEASE

  €dstowe 10:24 10 Aug 2004

Not familiar with that printer but, run a nozzle check to ascertain if the printheads are blocked.

  Stuartli 11:14 10 Aug 2004

My mate uses an HP 890C (excellent printer) for his business and he had the same problem, with the reds in this case.

Both of us did the full troubleshooting checks successfully, but still no red.

So it was sent for repair. Message came back that it was a faulty HP cartridge (only genuine HP cartridges are used) and, once a new one had been installed, it worked fine.

A similar problem arose soon afterwards - once more a faulty cartridge.

I realise you have tried other cartridges so, in view of the age of the printer, as suggested above it could be requiring a new print head (if this is something that can be done).

  Stuartli 11:16 10 Aug 2004

It could be that HP had/have a faulty batch of cartridges on sale...:-(

  Jada 11:42 10 Aug 2004

Thanks to both of you but still no joy. Cartridges were puchased at different times, and different places, so do not think the problem is with them.

Many thanks


  Stuartli 13:53 10 Aug 2004
  €dstowe 14:23 10 Aug 2004

There is a possibility that the drivers and software have become corrupt - HP printers are VERY fussy about software. May be worthwhile uninstalling then re-installing the software if all else fails.

There is another point as well: Unlike fine wines and violins, printers do not age very well. As your is five years old, it may be time to think about a new one.


  alan227 14:40 10 Aug 2004

As said above try a new cartridge, if you do not use them regularly the colours can dry out or some of the nozzles can become blocked.
I have a 950C that is over 4 years old and it still works perfectly.

  Stuartli 16:17 10 Aug 2004

Jada states clearly that he has tried changing the cartridges.


My eight-year-old Canon BJC600e is as good as the day I bought it and, what's more, with each of the four cartridges costing just £1.85 plus VAT each (used to be two for that price in a pack at one time) and £2.05 plus VAT if I get the double capacity black, it's cheap to run.

It cost £394 including VAT at Makro and came with first class photo/transparencies printing capabilities.

But as that was a very expensive pastime when I bought it I never bothered at the time....:-)

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