HP Deskjet 710C Printer Problem

  weston 09:50 11 Jun 2014

I have just aquired a Deskjet 710C inkjet printer. My computer runs XP Home. I can't get it to print.

When connected, the printer icon appears in the Control Panel Printers section but it will not print although the printer does all the usual preps first.

I don't have an XP original disc, only the OEM version that came with the computer.

It is connected via the USB port using the printers parallel port (no usb). I connected a parallel printer cable and tried using the OEM disc but it won't accept this when I run the setup wizard.

Has anyone any suggestions. I have tried the hp website and it doesn't supply a separate driver for this printer but says it is already included in XP.

Incidentally, I have the disc for installing the hp deskjet 3822 printer. would this supply the driver?

Many thanks.


  martd7 10:44 11 Jun 2014

The hp 710c driver can be found on the hp site

click here

  martd7 10:47 11 Jun 2014

My mistake as you say there isn't one for windows xp

  weston 09:48 12 Jun 2014

Hi Woolwell

I was assured it would work with XP Home when I aquired the printer. As I said it appeared to install when connected (via a conversion cable parallel to usb connected to the parallel port of the printer.

It seems I need to get hold of an XP system disc as mine is OEM and won't be accepted by the wizard in Control Panel.

Mart7 first said the driver was available via hp. I tried again and did manage to download a small app and have yet to try. I am not hopeful.

  SparkyJack 12:08 12 Jun 2014

As pointed out the he printer and for that matter the computer with parralel coon is history-its its all USB now, But there may be a solution Google C.U.P.S. (common Unix print system ) this is an open source library of printer driver from all makers and models. Read it up. Go to control/printers/new / find your way to CUPS server follow the prompt to enter print on the command line seleck make then model from the list provided. You may get lucky

  weston 09:45 13 Jun 2014

The driver is in XP Home and the printer now works. The problem was the paper feed and it was my fault. Thank you everyone for the responses. Adieu.

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