hp deskjet 640c photo problem

  ©®@$ђ 11:06 27 Sep 2003

hi all, its been a long time!

i spent £53 on a photo cartrdige and photo paper so i can print out my photos.

i have xp and the printer has been installed on this system for some time without any noticable problems

here comes the problem,

installed photo cartridge and printed some photos,the quality is poor not even as good as a standard color cartridge.

the drivers that xp installs doesn't allow much scope on what settings to make, but it is does allow you to choose that you have hp photo cartridge installed, which i have set it to

the problem i have noticed is that a setting for the dpi (dots per inch) is set to 300x300 dpi, but this setting is greyed out and will not let me change .this printer is capable of doing 600dpi hence the poor picture qualtiy, my problem being i cannot change the dpi to the correct setting.this is down the the xp driver i think

so i have tried to download the driver from the hp website but it doesnt let me download it is slow and comes to a page not displayed

this is where the driver is click here but the site must be down and i have tried for days now, so i have searched for other websites to download the driver from but with no luck, has anyone got the latest driver for this printer or can someone driect me to an alternative, or maybe add some input to this problem, am i on the right track withit being the dpi setting, hopefully the updated driver will overcome this but cannot download it

thanks for your time

  denchris 13:13 27 Sep 2003

Hi [email protected]#*,( sorry, best i can do )
I have a driver for you, Deskjet 640C release date July 2002, 5.64MB. for winxp.
How can i get it to you ?

  DieSse 13:36 27 Sep 2003

Try again - the download started up for me straight from your link!!

  ©®@$ђ 17:25 28 Sep 2003

thanks people.

i got the download the one denchris was talking about (thanks for the offer)

it seemed it was ntl that was that slow, that i had the problem downloading it as i went on another comuter with diff isp and it download straight away.

i installed the driver and i compared the quality and it is still no difference.

the only thinkg with this new driver there is no setting for dpi,but with the old one there was, but as i stated, that was set to 300x300 dpi,and the quality of this new driver prints are the same. so maybe that is only printing at 300x300 dpi.according to the spec of this printer it is capable of printing 600x300 dpi for photo cartridge .but i cannot change the setting with the old driver because it is greyed out and with the new driver there is no such setting

is there anyone out there who has this printer with a photo cartridge, and also xp.how do your prints come out and have you any problem with this dpi setting

how about you denchris?

heres the spec of the printer click here it does say 600x300 dpi(best) for photo cartridge which i have! and 300x300dpi for draft

and thats what it was set to on old driver 300x300 dpi, but i had the setting set to best but no change on 300x300 dpi it remained

this has got me baffled

thanks for reading this!

  denchris 18:21 28 Sep 2003

Hi ©®@$ђ, I still have mine in use and I`ve checked out dpi settings with photo cartridge as yourself and get the same result, so it might be limitations with xp, it works fine with win98, maybe somebody knows better ? ?

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