HP Deskjet 3920 printer paper feed problems

  Nuneatonian 00:20 17 Oct 2005

I have recently bought this printer and I am having problems with paper feed. If I put in more than 1 piece of paper it takes 2 or 3 at the same time or jams up, then I get messages come up. Sometimes I have just put 1 in and it just goes through and prints nothing and the message, " printer out of paper" which is obvious but is a pain. This is annoying and time consuming when you wish to print a number of pages or even one!! Anyone else have the same printer and had the same problem and know how to solve this problem? I hate having to sit there feeding one sheet at a time whilst it is in the process of printing a number of pages.

  Taff36 06:14 17 Oct 2005

The most common reason for the paper feed problem is the paper itself. If it is damp in any way you may get these symptoms. Make sure you load dry paper and "Fan" it before loading it into the cassette. Have you tried using different paper stock?

I would also check that the feed cassette is assembled correctly. Gently remove it and check for obstuctions then reassemble.
Unlikely cause may be the driver click here for a September 2005 release - a whopping 42 MB.

If all else fails take it back under guarantee.

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