HP Deskjet 3650 Cartridge Volume Size?

  Peter 18:43 12 May 2004

I've just been looking to purchase some replacement cartridges for my daughter's HP Deskjet 3650 printer and have found some original No.27 Black (10 ml version) at £11.99 and original No.28 Colour (8 ml version) at £13.98 from britink.com. On Choice Stationery the original No.27 Black is £20.16 and the original No.28 Colour is £23.17.

My question is do these cartridges come in different sizes; that is do they contain different volumes of black ink or coloured ink? Perhaps low and high capacity versions.

I just don't want to pay almost twice the price and end up with the same product or pay the low price and receive a low capacity cartridge.

I hope the above is clear; any guidance would be gratefully received.


  961 19:05 12 May 2004

This is where you get to pay for your printer!

From a quick search I guess that this printer is fairly new, and I cannot find much in the way of re-manufactured cartridges to help

However, the contents of the cartridges you describe is about what you expect from current new HP printers

The cheapest I can find the HP manufactured cartridges is at mouse2housedirect.com who quote 1 black 1 colour at £29.99 inc vat or 2 of each at £24.67 per set

Before too long you should expect the remanufacturers to come up with cartridges which will probably contain 2 or 3 times as much ink at prices lower than the originals, and for most purposes these will be just fine

  Peter 22:48 12 May 2004


Thanks for your responce. The printer is probably a fairly recent model, but both of the sources I have mentioned say that their cartridges are HP originals. Choice Stationary do some compatibles for this printer, but they are more expensive than the originals from BritInk which is why I'm suspicious that the BritInk ones may be low capacity.

Perhaps there is someone who has had experience of buying cartridges for this HP Deskjet 3650 and can indicate if they are, or are not, available in different capacities.


  961 09:20 13 May 2004

I suggest you e-mail Choice and ask them how much ink is in their cartridges. I'm sure they will be happy to tell you

The other thing I notice is that they offer a refill kit. It's well worth trying a black refill kit because it is quite easy and you will find you can refill 2 or 3 times without any deterioration in print output

I find the colour refill kits a hassle but black is easy peasy

  Peter 22:48 13 May 2004


I've tried refilling and found it to be messy and not particularly sucessful; I didn't seem to get as much ink into the cartridge compared to original or compatible ones. I don't think my daughter would want to try it either.

I will try sending Choice an email.


  Bagsey 23:02 13 May 2004

Check this firm for HP carts. I have dealt with them for awhile now a find then to be very good. Fast delivery and the cartridges are extr filled, so give a much longer life for the price. I dont find them so competative for epson stuff though.

  Bagsey 23:04 13 May 2004

It would help if I had given you the link??
click here

  Peter 13:17 14 May 2004


Thanks for the link Bagsey, I'll check it out.


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