HP DC7700p Bios Update Question

  GrizzlyGFX 21:47 23 Aug 2013

Hi guys i recently picked up an HP DC7700p from eBay and i have a question regarding what bios file to use on the hp website.

In the item description for the processor it said " Intel Core 2 Duo - vPro Technology - 6400"

So when i went to search for a bios update the hp site gave me 2 versions one for vpro and another for normal systems and there is a warning saying how these are not interchangeable the problem im having is trying to verify if my system is indeed vpro so i don't accidentally flash an incorrect bios and brick the system. I want to make sure because although the description says vpro i do not have a vpro sticker onthe case nor do i see anything about vpro inside windows and because he was selling a whole batch there might be a possibility that i got one without vpro.

So my question is how can i verify that i do indeed have vPro

My system specs are:

Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 @2.13ghz

512MB ddr2 ram (Which i have upgraded to 2gb)


On board GMA 3000

And there seems to be two video cards one in the pci e slot and one in the pci slot both seem to only have a DMS-59 output and im guessing there an older generation NVS Quadro gpu's

System SKU: ET090AV

  chub_tor 22:17 23 Aug 2013

This may help you to find out if you have vpro - it was cut and pasted:

*The Intel AMT Scan tool will tell you if your system has Intel vPro technology or not. If your E6400 does turn out to be vPro, then there is a configuration guide specific to that model. Intel AMT Scan tool: click here Guide: click here is the original link]1

Configuration [Here

  chub_tor 22:19 23 Aug 2013

My last link did not work, let me try again Click Here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:22 23 Aug 2013

your SKU returns this info from HP, any help?

  GrizzlyGFX 22:35 23 Aug 2013


I downloaded the application and ran it and all it does is open up a cmd windows which stays for a couple seconds and then closes. i opened the manual and it talks about having Intel HECI and LMS drivers updated etc. Can you explain how i run the utility?

Fruit Bat

I took a look at your link and i could not find any exact information however i noticed that inthe network card section it says "Intel Pro 1000 MT PCIe Gigabit NIC" could this be anything to do with vpro or does it just happen to have the word pro in it?

  GrizzlyGFX 22:45 23 Aug 2013

Also the reason i am attempting to update the bios is because it seems very old its version 786E1 V1.09 and therefore i cannot find away to make the built in vga the default gpu without physically removing the 2 discreet cards. The reason i want to do this is i dont have a DMS-59 cable adapter for vga and until it arrives i want to be able to use it.

So is there any way to do this as i cannot find any options inthe bios and if i can find out how to do this then the whole bios update wont be needed.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:49 23 Aug 2013

Have you tried in device manager?

maybe you can enable / disable the video cards in there.

  GrizzlyGFX 23:05 23 Aug 2013

I tried to do this but i cannot because the cards have to be plugged in to appear in device manager and if the cards are plugged in the default gpu automatically changes to one of them and therefore no signal is outputted to the on board VGA connection.

Also i found this thread click here and in the 6th post the user says that of you are not sure which one you have use the non vpro one shall i try this or is it too risky?

1]: [click here

  chub_tor 07:55 24 Aug 2013

The link that I provided also takes you to a User Guide Click Here which shows you that all the data provided from the scan is stored in the Registry and then tells you what the Registry values mean. Most of what I read was above me but the User Guide seems pretty comprehensive.

  GrizzlyGFX 13:57 24 Aug 2013

Thanks i will take a look when i get back to the PC but i have a quick question. Is the NVS quadro 285 any good compared to the integrated GMA 3000 anyway a quick google shows it only has 64mb of memory as apposed to the 256mb the GMA 3000 is borrowing form my system ram however does the fact that the Quadro is a dedicated GPU have any advantage or shall i just pull out the cards anyway and just use onboard?

  woodchip 14:07 24 Aug 2013

If its working! why do you want to mess with it

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