HP Computer Reboots Every Day at the Same Time

  joannefm2 19:01 20 Feb 2018

Hello. I just bought a new computer, and it reboots every single day at the same time - between 10:15 and 11:15 a.m. I thought the computer might be faulty, so I contacted HP and they sent me a replacement, and it does the same thing. Now, I've owned an HP for years before this, and the same programs were on it, and it NEVER rebooted once in five years. But both of these new ones have done so. I can't figure out why it just randomly does this - and always at that time. Does anyone know why or how to fix this? It's been going on for a month or so and as I said, HP's response was to send a new computer - that does the same thing.

  [DELETED] 22:26 20 Feb 2018

Worth checking out task scheduler in case an app has set up a schedule to reboot. Win key + r, then copy and paste taskschd.msc and click ok. Left click on Task scheduler library. See if anything there is listed there.

  joannefm2 00:32 21 Feb 2018

I know it's not Task Manager - but I did check it and the error message is Distributed COM with event ID 10016. I can't find any task that has a schedule to reboot, and there's no reason for it to do so every single day. I have no idea what that code means, or why it's doing this. This is a new computer - I bought one in January, and it did this; HP replaced it with another and it's doing it on this one. No new programs downloaded, so I'm lost.

  Devil Fish 00:35 21 Feb 2018

Kiss....... just brought a new computer....... NEW. cant see your pc but would suspect windows updates if it a brand new rig with win 10 installed. mainstream manufacturer ghosted image to hard drive on all machines check win update time schedule

  joannefm2 01:11 21 Feb 2018

Okay, I just changed the update schedule to sometime between midnight and 4 am, when I won't be using it. If it doesn't reboot tomorrow, then this is the problem. This is the second one they've sent me, since the first one did the same thing and HP thought it was a bad computer. But two of them?

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