HP computer locking out after fitting new hardware

  WALLFLOWER 23:28 10 Feb 2006

I put a Creative sound card into my older HP Brio computer with Windows 95 operating system but find that the machine has literally locked out or "hung". When I switch on, the hard disk can be heard running but the hard disk light does not operate and there is nothing at all on the monitor.
Can anybody with more knowledge of hardware faults than myself possibly assist, I would be extremely grateful. I have tried the recovery CDRom to no avail. I disconnected the lead from the mains switch to the mother board and am concerned that this was not put back correctly initially causing permanent damageto the mother board.

  Forum Editor 23:36 10 Feb 2006

it's unlikely (but not impossible) that the motherboard is damaged.

The obvious thing to try is to remove the sound card that you fitted - have you done that?

  WALLFLOWER 23:51 10 Feb 2006

Yes tried removing the sound card 1st,apologies should have been more specific. I know that HP machines can lock out or hang, I've heard of it before but never experienced it till now.
It's actualy 8 years old now and while not the end of the world if it won't reboot I'm a bit sentimental about it and loath to part with it, it comes in handy.

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