HP (Compaq) SC4000 bypass admin password

  silver78 15:45 23 Sep 2013

Short history. SC4000 was drivelocked with no chance of recovery. I've fitted a new HDD and was going to install fresh XP O/S. Plugged in portable DVD drive to Notebook. Unfortunately it keeps asking for a admin password which obviously I don't have. I thought I'd reset CMOS but have no idea where it's located or if it has one. I can find no reference to it online. I found some ref to resetting BIOS but if I can't get past Admin screen how can I boot from USB port?

  The Kestrel 10:31 24 Sep 2013

This article may help you:

click here

  The Kestrel 10:40 24 Sep 2013

Another article that might help - see the 'solution' post using boot up in safe mode.

click here

  silver78 12:26 28 Sep 2013

Thanks for your input Kestrel. I managed to install a fresh copy of XP Pro on a new(ish) drive via a portable DVD drive. I still can't get into BIOS without Admin P.word but I found where the CMOS battery is. I've no intention of stripping the Notebook just to get to it. Having told the owner of this he said that he's not interested in accessing BIOS as long as it works. So, job done. Your links are interesting and may well be useful either to me in the future or anyone else following this post. Once again thanks for taking the trouble to point me in the right direction.

  silver78 12:34 28 Sep 2013

Thanks Kestrel. I've managed to install XP on a newish drive but still can't access BIOS without Admin P.word. I found where the CMOS battery is situated but I've no intention of taking the Notebook apart just to get to it. The owner's no bothered about getting into BIOS as long as it works so job done. Your links are interesting and I may have to address them at sometime in the future as may anyone else following this thread. Once again, thanks for taking the time to point me in the right direction.

  silver78 12:36 28 Sep 2013

Sorry for two posts. PCA was so slow refreshing I thought it'd stopped working

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