hp all in one printer frustration

  pollpott 17:49 03 Jun 2010

when I press the scan button i get the message'no scan options' and 'you need to install or run hp software for this feature'. I have now downloaded hp full feature software and drivers (428.8 mb)to try to sort it. I think it might not have installed because there was nothing else on the screen after the download had finished. Where might it be hiding? and should this sort out the problem?

  wiz-king 19:42 03 Jun 2010

If it is a USB device then the installation routine must be adhered to. Normally you have to install the software and the plug in the printer at an on screen prompt. If you just plug in the printer then Windows only installs the printer driver. You may have to remove all the program and start again.Look for it in the 'temporary internet' folder. Or save it again to your 'downloads' folder in 'my documents' then run it.

  pollpott 20:23 03 Jun 2010

thanks I'll give it a try.

  morddwyd 20:24 03 Jun 2010

HP all in one software takes an age to install, almost as long as Windows, and requires lots of user input.

I suspect that you have just downloaded the software but not installed it, as wiz-king suggests.

If you have in fact installed it and now need to remove it you may also find this difficult.

If so come back here.

  pollpott 09:41 04 Jun 2010

I have found the prog I downloaded and seem to have got somewhere with installing it. The message then came up that I needed to restart and tried to do so but it seemed to just hang. I left it overnight, hence the delay in reply. At the some stage in the install it said to disconnect the usb which I did and when it didnt restart I switched off at the mains and then restarted. I had reconnected the usb and I got the 'newfound hardware' message, followed the instructions but the message now is 'cant find software'. ps. the copy function still worked it was just the svanning which caused the problem. hope this makes sense.

  morddwyd 19:27 04 Jun 2010

The clue is in the instruction to disconnect the usb.

All the HP MFDs I have had warn you to install the software first, before connecting the printer (the software installation normally tells you when to connect).

I suggest you uninstall the software, disconnect the printer, restart your computer, restart the printer, and then reinstall the HP software.

Unfortunately I suspect you may have a corrupt software installation, in which case the uninstall is slightly more complicated!

Copy, and even print, functions will work perfectly well without the software being installed.

  Im a diddy 19:31 04 Jun 2010

can you system restore to pre install and install again with printer disconnected initially and connected once prompted.

  sunnystaines 19:38 04 Jun 2010

make sure you download and save it then install from the desktop or folder, its less prone to errors during install that way.

  pollpott 20:50 04 Jun 2010

thanks for the advice, I'm beginning to think that hp has produced a ridiculous product that in the first place needs a 400 plus MB download and even then doesn't work without lots more effort.I appreciate the help guys but will probably try to sort it tomorrow now. Cheers

  ams4127 21:00 04 Jun 2010

Up until a short time ago I was using an HP Photosmart 3210 All in one. I had the same problem as you, in that the machine would copy perfectly but would not scan to my PC.

The problem was that HP had released the original drivers for XP but never updated them for Vista/Win7. There was a message on their website that the scan to PC function would not work and they had no ambition to change things. I just accepted the fact and never used that particular function. Apart from that, it always worked well - until last week when is had a major death experience!

I'm now using Canon.

  woodchip 21:20 04 Jun 2010

Why not run Restore to Date Before you tried install of printer. Then do it the right way using the HP CD plug printer in when computer stars looking for Hardware

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