HP 940C printing blue as pink

  Marko797 13:26 14 Oct 2008

I've just fitted new ink cartridges, colour and black to the above printer. When I print anything which has blue in it, the printer prints it in pink.

Have aligned the printer heads, and have gone thru the auto head-clean process, and also 'prime' process as part of the maintenance available in properties.

When I print a test page, even the Windows logo comes out pink.

The colour cartridge is a HP compatible one from Choice Stationery, so wonder if this is the root cause of the problem.

Printer is connected to XP desktop.

Anyone know of any solution to fix this?

  woodchip 13:33 14 Oct 2008

Its not getting colours. You need a New Cart as the one in is either Ink dried in jets or a faulty cart.

Go to start\settings\printers right click on printer then Properties then Print test page to see what colour is missing

  Marko797 13:37 14 Oct 2008

have already stated test page Windows logo prints in pink. The black text however is black, so no probs on the blk cartridge.

Maybe I need to try another 'new' cartridge.

  TonyV 13:45 14 Oct 2008

I had a similar problem with an HP930c and it turned out the problem was linked to the fact a metal spring which is in the receipt pocket for the cartridge had gone AWOL! See here:-click here

There was also another post here about a similar problem.

Hope this helps


  TonyV 13:48 14 Oct 2008

Have a look at this one as well.
click here


  Marko797 14:13 14 Oct 2008

there is a spring in the colour slot, but not in the black. Blk prints ok.

Have just put in another 'new' Choice compatible cartridge. Blue still prints as Pink. Am at a loss.

  setecio 14:20 14 Oct 2008

Write a word doc in different text colours using 1 line in black text, 1 line in yellow text, 1 line in magenta text, 1 line in cyan/turquois text.

How do these print ... this should tell you if any of the colours are faulty as these are usually the 4 inks used.

  jaraba 14:24 14 Oct 2008

Just get on to Choice & tell them the cartridge is faulty.
I have had problems with a few cartridges in the past & they have always changed/replaced them.
I usually ring them.

  choicestationery 14:38 14 Oct 2008

yes, give us a call on 0870 44 22 460 and we can talk you through how to get it working.


  setecio 14:42 14 Oct 2008

lol @ choicestationery .... that's like a weird dream where you mention your name on any forum and you reply within a few minutes ;)

  Marko797 09:25 15 Oct 2008

thnx for your unexpected post.

In the interim, I did email Choice and received a response from one of your colleagues who provided some steps to follow. I was also advised that Choice would replace the items if the steps proved unsuccessful.

Thanks for the responses, and for the great customer support. Very much appreciated.

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