hp 940c printer

  gingepaul 20:24 18 Jan 2003
  gingepaul 20:24 18 Jan 2003

i've just had boyh my cartridges refilled today, but when i got home and put them back, i'm still told the tri colour cartridge is low on ink, but the black is now full, is there a simple explanation for this, common problem or somthimg.
i'm gonna take it back on monday otherwise.

  BRYNIT 21:11 18 Jan 2003

Did you buy new or refilled the cartridges if the latter the printer does not always acknowledge that the cartridge is full. I had a similar problem with a HP970cxi printer when I refilled the cartridges. If it a new cartridge it might be faulty.

  gingepaul 21:14 18 Jan 2003

how did u fix it, or did u just get a new one, i askes the guy if he checks the cartridges before filling, and he said yes, so it might be somthing i'm over looking.

  philco 23:00 18 Jan 2003

Just ignore the message. I fill my own cartridges and always get it, but if you ignore it the printer works as usual.

  gingepaul 11:56 19 Jan 2003

well the printer isnt printing colour correctly, first there was no yellow at all, a few more poages of print later and every bit of colour is really streaky, could it be blocked or somthing?

  Installer. 12:00 19 Jan 2003

Form within the HP "Toolbox" try going through the Cartridge cleaning process.

  gingepaul 12:03 19 Jan 2003

tried that, but on the test page all i get is black and red, so i clicked prime ans still get the same, although on the last attempt it did look like it tried to print blue, but didnt print properly. done this about 5 times now

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