HP 930c rejecting paper at startup

  [DELETED] 13:10 24 Feb 2006

After reloading Win98SE the parallel HP930c printer cleans excessively when started, before it rejects at least one sheet of blank paper. It had this fault when new but the fault disappeared without reason at another reload some time ago. The 930 is connected to the computer through a HP5300c scanner which works OK. Neither have ever worked with USB connections, either direct or through a hub, even with updated drivers. Suggestions please.

  [DELETED] 14:26 27 Feb 2006

I'm sure I've seen an answer somewhere but I've searched all the Forums without success. Doesn't anybody have any idea? Desperate Blue Eyes.

  [DELETED] 15:52 02 Mar 2006

Has nobody got anything at all on this one? Is it the only time this has happened with an HP930c. By the way, has anybody ever had absolutely no problems at all with the way the hardware and software works? Nothing I load and run works the way it says it will, when loading drivers from 3rd party discs Windows keeps asking for the Win98SE disc to be inserted and then fails to find the required file, thus aborting the setup. To get the right driver files to load for a recent sound card, Win95 had to be selected because Win98SE wouldn't load. It's infuriating. Hoping for an answer.

  TonyV 16:17 02 Mar 2006

I have a HP930C and have no problems with it. I think that perhaps you should uninstall the HP Driver from Add/Remove Programmes, then go in to the HP site and download the latest driver for the 930C and for the Operating System you have, Win98SE, then install it directly from the download. I haven't got mine connected through a scanner or on the USB port. It is a straight LPT1 connection and is fine. May be you should consider divorcing it from the scanner and treat them as separate entities with the printer going through the LPT1 port.

Have fun


  [DELETED] 17:47 02 Mar 2006

Hi TonyV, Thanks.

After an earlier system reload I had both the scanner and the printer working on USB, but they stopped for no apparent reason so I went back to a yet earlier parallel setup with the printer thro' the scanner on LPT1 as recommended by the setup poster.

I did download the 930 updated driver but lost it recently when a backup got accidentally formatted, I must go back and get another, and I have a CD copy of the 5300 updated driver.

I'm sure you're right, updated drivers should clear the problem, I was just being lazy and not wanting to download the large 930 package again on dialup. I was hoping that there was a tip waiting out there for curing the problem without me having to do any work. Story of my life! Thanks again.

  TonyV 19:31 02 Mar 2006

If you go on to the HP web site, you may well get a phone number to ring and ask if they can supply an updated driver for your particular printer and OS rather than downloading it your self via a dial up system. It is 7.95mb so quite a large file. In fact I have a copy of the Parallel/USB driver for 98SE and if you want, I could send it to you. e mail me.


  [DELETED] 16:26 05 Mar 2006

Hi TonyV,

Thank you for your kind offer but I won't need it. I downloaded the 930c driver update and I had a 5300c update disc. On HP's site there were details of how to prepare and reload the scanner drivers, which had to be done in Safe Mode. Needless to say the instructions were inaccurate, but after some mucking about the 5300 was working OK. The 930c was easier and loaded OK first time. The printer and scanner are now both working on USB and the printer doesn't now reject sheets at switch-on. Eureka!!

  TonyV 16:54 05 Mar 2006

Great! Glad to hear that you are now "back in business".



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