HP 5300C scanjet shuts down

  bmori 12:10 30 Nov 2004

I recently installed SP2 for XP home, with the firewall turned off. I currently use EZ firewall - also recently installed.

When I try to use the 5300C it intermittently freezes midscan and closes the program. If I open up the precision scan program there is an error message. If I power reset the scanner it might work again for a couple of scans. It is most likely to fail on high resolution scans.

The scanner works pefectly on another PC.

Anyone any ideas.


  Modo 13:38 30 Nov 2004

My 5370C has always been temperamental like that.

I've found two workarounds - having tried the normal solutions including downloading the not too recent but huge drivers update from HP.

1. Reboot the computer whenever you want to use the scanner - after a couple of hours connected even with scanner plugged in to the power and connected by USB it invariably freezes.

2. Scan from Photoshop Elements or higher. The results are far better you have more scanning options & it is never once frozen. (I haven't tried the latest MS picture packages that come with Office 2003 they may be equally effective.)

  jimv7 14:23 30 Nov 2004

You could also try connecting to a self powered usb hub, to take the strain from your computer's power supply.

  bmori 18:34 30 Nov 2004

your suggestions much appreciated. the scanner used to work on this pc no problem. I tried re-booting with only the scanner connected with only slightly better results. Unfortunately I don't use photoshop so I can't try the second solution

  bmori 12:07 11 Jan 2005

I finally resolved this by switching off the AV which was active during scans

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