Rabi 20:49 14 Mar 2005

My desktop is running Win XP Professional, and I have connected an HP 2400 Scanner. Never used a scanner before...
When I choose "scan document", the document is scanned by default as a .pdf file. No problem there, it saves nicely, pens no problem. But, how do I edit it/OCR? How do I add a title to the document???
Would appreciate some help, or a link to a web site with answers for a novice


  tasslehoff burrfoot 20:56 14 Mar 2005

If not, ReadIris Pro is free on the this months DVD issue of PCA.

If you have let us know what sort.



  Graham ® 21:00 14 Mar 2005

Your scanner has OCR click here

  Curio 21:02 14 Mar 2005

Scan your text into a Document Via the Insert option. Then use the OCR software to convert it into an editable document. The Help info that came with your scanner softwareshould tell you all this.

  Graham ® 21:02 14 Mar 2005

You may find a scanning option of OCR.

  Rabi 22:49 14 Mar 2005

Don't believe I got any third-party OCR software with it, except the standard HP Scan Manager; I am overseas, and don't have the installation disk with me.
For the same reason (being overseas), I won't be getting my copy of PCAdvisor for another 2 weeks or so...
Any other suggestions? Anywhere i can download an OCR that would solve my problem, and IS EASY TO USE?

Thanks, much appreciated.

  Graham ® 08:58 15 Mar 2005

If you read your scanner spec. I posted at 21:00 you will see your scanner comes with OCR software.

  Curio 18:26 15 Mar 2005

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