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HP 15-af163sa laptop not powering up

  awest3 11:32 11 Jan 2020

Hi, I have the above laptop which although having power, fans and HDD spinning has no display. Having looked around the internet there seems to be a lot of reasons why this might be. Lock light is continually blinking (suggests a power issues I've changed both power adaptor and battery to no avail). I've also changed HDD, removed and re-seated both CPU and memory modules (also replaced MM with a known working one). I've removed and re-seated the screen connection and cleaned the cpu fan. I've replaced the bios battery. I've tried all the keyboard suggestions from HP, Alt,Cntl + delete; Windows key and B then hold power button for 2 secs (plus other suggestions), drained power, removed the battery. I'm now at a loss as to what to try next everything seems to point to a power issue but I think the things I've done should have sorted that. I've even tried putting pressure on the keyboard (this pushes the GPU connection together in case its loose. I have a fear that the cpu is dead but have no way of testing this. Any help gratefully accepted. Thank Al

  Govan1x 11:47 11 Jan 2020

I think you have tried this one. Remove charger cable and battery and then press and hold the start button for 50 seconds then connect the power cable and battery. That sometimes works for a dead computer not sure if it works for one that runs.

or maybe try plugging it into a TV or a monitor to see if it works ok on those.

Two useless bits of information that you have probably already tried.

  awest3 12:08 11 Jan 2020

Thanks for your reply, I have indeed tried those suggestions. I cant really understand what it can be now, except for a dud Cpu and I don't know how to test for that. Al

  awest3 12:13 11 Jan 2020

forgot to mention, I also tried using a recovery disk I had, that failed too. This is what makes me think it may be the cpu, although of course I can't get in to change the boot up drive sequence. Al

  Govan1x 12:36 11 Jan 2020

Not got a clue about CPU's so cant help you there.

I cant think of anything except maybe a stick key but looks like you have tried that.

tapping the F2 key at start up does not work either I suppose or whatever combination you would use to get into the Bios.

i don't suppose the power connection is a bit slack when you move it about when connected to the laptop.

best waiting for someone that can give you proper advice as i am just giving you ideas that you have already tried.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:43 11 Jan 2020

What is the Blink sequence of the caps lock key click here

  awest3 10:21 12 Jan 2020

Thanks for this, I had looked at this previously but cant find any matching pattern. This laptop just has a single blink, two seconds then another blink and so it goes on continually. Al

  Govan1x 13:16 12 Jan 2020

Just watched a fix on youtube and so dont know if it is worth trying.

Remove the battery then start the computer again. You will get the same black screen but you have to leave it for an hour to let it charge the inner battery. After the hour switch it off using the start button, When fully stopped try starting it again to see if it then works. Worth a try if you have tried everything else.

  awest3 17:23 12 Jan 2020

I did try this, but as I'd already replaced the CMOS battery things remain the same. I've looked at a replacement motherboard but they cost about £100 which could be spent on a new laptop....thanks again. Al and to add to my team are 0-4 down to Man City at half time and look likely relegation material....sigh!

  Govan1x 23:04 12 Jan 2020

Ok when you removed the charger and battery and held in the Start button for 50 seconds did you then try to start it with just the charger connected and not the battery. if not maybe give that a try.

You probably tried it that way as well as you seem to have tried most things without success.

[Lock light is continually blinking (suggests a power issues ] HP does show that as a power problem like you said.

  awest3 11:07 13 Jan 2020

Hi, thanks for this. I think I've been on every site where HP laptop not booting is mentioned but none of the suggested solutions do anything. I'm afraid it looks like the end for this laptop.....unless a suitable motherboard becomes available at a reasonable price. Thanks for your help. Al

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