HP 1315 Printer Refill Ink

  David4637 15:08 12 Dec 2004

Can you refill the two carts (one black HP #45) the other cart contains, presumably, the three colours (HP #78). If so how do you, are they chipped?

I currently refill my Canon carts so I know that it can be sometimes messy

Thanks David

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 15:37 12 Dec 2004

it may be cheaper to buy compatibles than refill as you will loose your warrenty when refilling cartridges see here click here=

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 15:38 12 Dec 2004
  pj123 15:45 12 Dec 2004

Yes, Choice Stationery is the place to go.

click here

Full instructions on how to do it included.

Personally, I don't refill anymore, (like you said very messy).

  David4637 14:14 13 Dec 2004

Choice seems the best place to buy compatables or ink refill kits. In case I decide to "fill my own carts" is it necessary to remove the cart plug and syringe in the ink as per my Canon. I then put the plug back and seal the plug with cellotape. Is it the same procedure for the hp. Choice then say you might have to balance them - whats this? Thanks David

  pj123 14:25 13 Dec 2004

Balancing. When I used to refill mine I would let them stand overnight to clear any airlocks that might have occurred. I think that is what balancing means. Another tip I got from a Cartridge Refiller friend of mine is: Do not let the cartridge run out completely before refilling. So "little and often" is the way to go.

  David4637 20:07 13 Dec 2004

Thanks for you reply. I have found that there is little in the cost between bottle ink and compatable carts at Choice, except you get two ink refills out of each bottle of ink. So I will probably buy compatables and save the hassle.
Thanks again. David

  David4637 16:32 26 Dec 2004

Can someone please tell me where there is info on how to fill with ink these HP carts. I have heard that there is a different procedure for the black and a different one for the colour cart. I have a general refill kit so I just need specific instructions for these carts. For example should the plugs be replaced and sealed with sellotape? Thanks David

  David4637 14:26 27 Dec 2004


  Wak 14:57 27 Dec 2004

For filling instructions for the majority of printers have a look at click here

Click on the cartridge number.

  Starfox 15:41 27 Dec 2004

Yes,very easy to refill these cartridges,instructions included with most refill kits and no chance of airlocks as they are sponge filled.

I use either Staples or JetTec(from Wilkinsons stores)refill kits and have no problems but there seems to be a maximum amount of times you can do a refill before they stop working,the most refills I have obtained from any one cartridge was 4.

The print quality from these refill kits and also the P C World one that I tried was quite good but some of the mail order ones I tried were diabolical.Then again I don't print photos.

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