HP 1200 Help!

  Nancy166 08:46 27 Sep 2008

My HP 1200 has been 'under wraps,' unused for a couple of years but recently I have connected it to a laptop with Windows Vista.

I can scan only through the laptop, which isn't a problem but when it scans or copies it makes a grinding sound when the paper emerges.

Could this be dust or something more ominous? I'm selling the printer so I would like it to be perfect.

I've checked and as far as I can tell there's no paper jam.

One more thing. I used to be able to access this website through AOL but when I try my password is not recognised and I have to come in through IE. Any reason?



  bluto1 18:59 28 Sep 2008

I'm surprised that you've had to wait a day and a half for an answer. I cannot help with your problem except to hope this bumps you upwards for someone else to see. Good Luck.

  Nancy166 08:55 29 Sep 2008

Thanks Bluto ......yes I'm surprised too. Where is everyone?

While I'm here: I've never come across this so wonder if anyone can come up with the answer.

A friend of mine has a new All In One and a laptop. She types something into Word and saves it. Later she goes into file to print the saved article. She clicks print and the save window comes up.

When I looked at it she had saved the same thing six times!!! I deleted five and then cut and paste the sixth onto a new page, clicked print and it did. Clicking the original just kept bringing up the save window.

Very strange. Never met this before.



  Taff™ 12:29 29 Sep 2008

What exactly is the model of printer? Is in a Deskjet 1200 or Laserjet 1200? I`ve got both so I was wondering!

  Nancy166 17:35 29 Sep 2008



  Taff™ 21:48 29 Sep 2008

So that would be the Deskjet 1220c? An A3 printer? In which case check the output area where the paper ejects once printed. There is a row of rollers and vertical "guide stars" that hold the printer paper aloft to dry out. One or several may be misaligned and you can gently correct them.

  woodchip 21:54 29 Sep 2008

I would say that as its been such a long time from you last using it, that its a Dry sound lack of lubrication tracks etc will be dry

  woodchip 21:57 29 Sep 2008

Using the Printer as it is will shorten is life very quickly. You need to go over things like spindles gears track with a ear bud and some WD plus one drop of oil mixed. do dot spray WD into the printer

  Nancy166 09:42 30 Sep 2008

It's a 1200 series All in One.

Could well have dried out so I'll take the advice of the cotton bud.

Thanks for all your help....has restored my faith in this forum! lol

Any ideas regarding saving instead of printing?


  Taff™ 10:38 30 Sep 2008

click here Which shows where the rollers are that need cleaning at the back of the printer.

There is an issue with this printer and Vista click here Might this also affect the printing/saving issue?

  bluto1 22:43 30 Sep 2008

Good to see you've got some answers. Hope it all works out, I also like my old bits.

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