How/where to save data

  daisy2bell 16:06 08 Jun 2004

Since I have lost valuable data due to a corrupted CD-R and CD-RW what is the best way to save.
I have a CD-RW, floppy drive and a zip 100 drive and a 2nd computer.
Any help would be appreciated please.
I'm really fed up with lost data

  Diodorus Siculus 16:15 08 Jun 2004

A second hdd and regular backups to CD-R.

I am not sure of why the CD-R got corrupted - there can be problems, I know, but regular backups should save things.

My data is saved to a slave disk, backed up at midnight to the master disk and copied to CD at 1am. There is nothing crucial on it though - anything that is valuable is usually uploaded to my webspace.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:16 08 Jun 2004

click here for a good guide to backups.

  seedie 16:53 08 Jun 2004

Volumes could be written on backups but it essential to be self disciplined and methodical.Don't leave it until tommorrow; when you switch off tonight your HD might fail on next boot up.

Oh make sure your media is ok.


  Terry Brown 16:58 08 Jun 2004

How badly is the CD Corrupted, as there are programs available that will recover data from damaged CD's.One such program is CD X Rescue which was available from PC Advisor issue 104 (Spring 2004)

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