howto configure my own router,replacing Sky's

  Chegs ®™ 06:05 28 Dec 2008

I have recently changed ISP to Sky from Zen.

I have my own Netgear wireless router,but it doesnt detect the ADSL signal on the phoneline.I want to use my own Netgear router as the Sky Netgear device is lacking in signal strength in some places about the house whereas my own is excellent everywhere I wish to access wireless.

I carefully noted the Sky boxes IP configuration and then transferred these settings to my own Netgear but it doesnt detect the ADSL signal so until I discover why this happens,no amount of tweaking my own Netgears IP addresses will allow it to connect.

The Sky router must have some hidden settings,as I only needed to make the connections and power it up for it to get me online,I expected to have to input at least my username/password but I havent and the Sky device even came with WPA-PSK wireless security enabled and a pre-installed key(which I can change)

Can I use my own Netgear router to connect to Sky ADSL?

If so,how please?

  rdave13 07:30 28 Dec 2008

Have a read here, it might help; click here

  Chegs ®™ 07:44 28 Dec 2008

Thank you mate,very informative link.

I tried searching for answers through google myself,but all I was finding was people who've flashed the firmware on their Sky box and found it no longer worked.

I'll probably resume attaching the Sky router to the phoneline and then my router to the Sky box and use my own device purely as a router rather than router/modem.

  Tech Guy 13:53 28 Dec 2008

I know you have closed the thread but here's a useful link for you:

click here

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