The Howling Fan again

  jack 14:32 02 Dec 2004

What I really came on for was the howlinh fan syndrome
Much discussed last week with other who were edxperiencing similar.
Give it a good Hoovering they said - did that.
Fan screwing its self down -slacked it off a bit.
Each time a cure for a while then it starts up.
During the proceedings above - Managed to break a blade of fan[ Moral here is nopokenfinger inmovingmachinery ]
Went to fair Sunday get another socket 7 fan for my Athlone- not quite the same- thicker housing longer screws needed- wiring different no temp sensor, plug into the big sockets not the MoBo - started up, Silence- Wonderful.
This morning, start up -HOOOOWWWLLL.
shut down[still in POST}, start up -Silence
Now what?

  Gongoozler 15:58 02 Dec 2004

I can't say why your processor fans are getting so noisy in such a short time, however for quiet processor cooling you really need a heatsink with a large diameter fan such as this one that I'm using from Ebuyer
click here.

The only word of warning that I must add is that when you remove your old heatsink it is essential that you remove every minute trace of old thermal paste. I didn't and it cost me a new processor.

  Pidder 18:55 02 Dec 2004

PCWorld online shop do a Q-TEC Noiseless fan/heatsink with a low speed fan which I have installed on my Celeron, I think socket 7, which I find very satisfactory.

Not PSU or other fan dying?

  Gongoozler 19:21 02 Dec 2004

To determine exactly the location of the noise source, roll a sheet of A4 paper to make a tube about 39cm long by 2cm diameter. Put one end to your ear and use the other end to locate the noise source.

  Gongoozler 19:22 02 Dec 2004

That should have been "a tube about 30cm long by 2cm diameter"

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