how/can i play xp game on windows 7 or vista

  john the scone 14:04 26 Feb 2010

hi there, got an older game that will only play on os up to xp. how or can i play it on windows 7 home premium or vista home premium, thanks

  MAJ 14:06 26 Feb 2010

Try running it in "Compatibility Mode" click here

  theDarkness 16:03 26 Feb 2010

what games are they?

perhaps someone might have one running on vista/7 and be able to give u specific info - some games may not work in compatibility mode, but there might be other ways to get the game to play

  john the scone 17:35 27 Feb 2010

dungeon siege 1 and 2

  theDarkness 00:24 28 Feb 2010

are u using vista or 7?

according to the last few posts, DS2 should work ok on vista, as long as data execution prevention is turned off, the last post has a link on how to do it, here:

click here

it might be worth trying out, if DEP is easily turned off in Vista or 7. you could always turn it back on after playing. this might also be worth reading: click here

- if anyone knows how to get either games running on vista or 7, the answer will most likely be found on the fan based and/or official forums, such as the one above. try posting on there, you may find the answer alot quicker, but dont forget to give a reply on here on how you got it finally to work, as other DSeige gamers might also be in the same boat as yourself. good luck! :)

  theDarkness 00:45 28 Feb 2010

sorry, that last link doesnt seem to be a very active forum, so u might want to hunt for a more general 7/vista games forum in order to find more likelihood of a reply! according to digital life, microsoft has included DSiege compatibility patches in its automatic update click here
but that probably doesnt mean they are straight fixes- you may still have issues, most likely with the oldest (first) game.

I have the old budget version of Dungeon Seige (xplosive range) and a vista laptop, might have a go with it myself-although from what I can find on google it seems most gamers are only able to get the sequel to work.

  Blackadderthe4th 13:11 28 Feb 2010

I#m in a similar position and just posted which may be a solution

"Has anybody and any experience with this

click here

I claims that you can us XP software using win7 home by creating a virtual computer for free! It could be an option for me because I’ve just upgraded to win7 and have favourite software I want to run. And I will be a bit nervous as I’ve just upgraded and win7 is a new country as yet. Or should I upgrade Win7 were using XP is “native”?"

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