How would I restore Direct X9.0b (from DX9.0c)?

  Cybermaxx 19:39 11 Apr 2005

I need to do this. Some older games aren't working, and I believe DX9.0c is the cause. I only installed it about ten days ago, purely to run 3DMark05.

  Technotiger 19:51 11 Apr 2005

Hi, reinstall 9b

DarkVision Hardware - DirectX 9b released
DirectX 9b released...
click here


  Cybermaxx 19:53 11 Apr 2005

Thanks, but will it just overwrite DX9.0c, or do I have to uninstall it?

  Technotiger 19:56 11 Apr 2005

I think best to uninstall first.

  Cybermaxx 20:04 11 Apr 2005

Er, how do I uninstall DX9.0c?

  Number 7 20:10 11 Apr 2005

You can't- well not easily anyway.

Why not just do a System Restore.

  stalion 20:10 11 Apr 2005

I would contact microsoft regarding this I think if you mess with it you could have a lot of problems

  gudgulf 20:12 11 Apr 2005

The recommended (by Microsoft) method is to use system restore,but you could try this utility click here to remove DirectX 9 completely and then reinstall 9.0b

  Cybermaxx 20:18 11 Apr 2005

Thanks for the replies. I'm not ready to do a system restore. This rollback is only to enable one old game to install/run.

Re. DX9 Uninstaller. Have you actually used it before, gudgulf? I am cautious.....

  gudgulf 20:49 11 Apr 2005

No I haven't used it...I've never had any problems with DirectX 9.0c

Mind you if I did I wouldn't hesitate to use it.Having said that I would be making a manual restore point and a full system backup with Acronis so it wouldn't matter one jot if things went wrong!There is really no alternatives to either system restore or the use of one of these tools to remove DirectX 9...other than maybe a repair installation of windows??...Remember that if you do a restore it can be undone.So you can try it to see if it solves the problem and revert to your present set-up once you've checked.

I'm curious to know exactly what problem you are having that needs you to consider this.....9.0c should be fully compatible with games that need any of the older versions....although I have seen some people are having problems when doing a web search on your problem.

Have you run DXDIAG to check for any DirectX issues?

  Cybermaxx 21:01 11 Apr 2005

The problem is a game called Command and Conquer Red Alert 2. I have had it installed several times on this PC. I had it installed last week!

When I tried to play it on Saturday an error message appeared "setup.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. Sorry for any inconvenience."

I uninstalled RA2, and when I tied to reinstall, same error message. Now I find that many other people are having the same problem. As I said before, I only installed DX9.0c a short while ago and I now strongly suspect it to be the cause of the problem.

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