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How to wipe a phone you can't get into?

  sarahjacintha 09:07 09 Dec 2019

My phone was faulty. I've received a refund but have been asked by the seller to wipe all my details: starting with the four digit number code / passwords / e mail / media files etc. I've tried telling them that I cannot access my phone to do it. I just get the "Factory Reset" option. I chose it but the phone didn't tell me that my data had been wiped. I just kept seeing the same old black screen with the 'Factory Reset' option. I'm not savy with technology and I'm at the end of my rope. I feel that my refund will be rescinded. PLEASE HELP!

  x13 14:29 09 Dec 2019

Hopefully its an android phone? Method 2 .

  sarahjacintha 22:55 16 Dec 2019

Thank you for the suggestion. I somehow got into the phone tonight, because I had wanted to return it. Turned out the Factory Reset had worked. I just didn't get the confirmation on the device itself - and that was what worried me. The phone has always been dodgy and Xiaomi support are woeful. I would never buy one of their products again. I signed into Google and my Contacts re-appeared, as did my photos. No old text messages though - that was fine though. I had no idea what media remains on your phone after a Factory Reset. I suppose it's all about what's stored on 'Google'. I'd be worried about accepting the refund, but I know the phone will do its disappearing act again in a couple of days. Messy!

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