How to wipe old desktop, BUT keep operating system intact for a friend to have.

  julius44 16:45 04 May 2011

Hello good afternoon to you all. I currently have a windows XP desktop purchased since Jan 2006. I've ordered a new desktop via mesh pcs, which should arrive within 2 weeks, a friend of mine wishes to purchase my desktop for £100, and ive said that this is fine with me. Nearly all of my music, files, etc, is already on my external hard drive so thats ok.

My only problem seems to be setting the desktop back to factory settings as I seem to be having problems with this on the i'm looking for an alternative way to completely set it back to factory settings BUT retain the operating system on the desktop, as i'm not too sure I still have the re-installation disk......I want to make sure that NOTHING on the hard drive can be gotten to...or 100% erased, but the operating system must be 100% totally intact on the desktop please so that my friend can use the desktop immediately

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:15 04 May 2011

  1. Uninstall everything you no longer require
    1. Remove all folders you nolonger require

    2. Delete all documents phots etc. from the my documents folder

    3. Use CCleaner to clear all temp files

    4. Use CCleaner to clean the registry

    5. Use Cleaner (Tools Drive wiper) to Wipe free space (you can set the number of passes 7 will be good enough so that nothing can be recovered) but it will take along while to complete its probably an overnight job.

  interzone55 17:19 04 May 2011

As *Fruit Bat /\0/* said, here's a link to CCleaner

  julius44 23:04 05 May 2011

Hello fruitbat and Alan14, thanks you both for your advice, but I have ccleaner on my desktop, and I cant seem to find the tools drive wiper that you have mentioned @ ccleaner at all. Can you put me in the right direction please, many thanks.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:13 05 May 2011

What version of CCleaner? latest is 3.06.1433

Drive wiper is in this and the previous versions.

Open CCleaner. Click Tools (Chest on the left column)

2nd Column bottom option is Drive Wiper

In the Wipe box set to free space only (or you will lose everything)

In the Security box set to NSA(7 passes)

In the Drives Box tick all your drives

  Les28 08:26 06 May 2011

It might be an idea to create a new user account with full administrative rights in your friends name, log into that new account and then delete your old user account completely before writing over the free hard drive space which would now include your erased old user profile.

Are you going to uninstall any programs you installed first, you did mention just selling with just the operating system?

Examples here

link text

link text

  woodchip 09:18 06 May 2011

You nee a Program that Wips free Space after you have removed all the above, but this will not clear every thing, A|s Programs load files all over the place and Regedit stores some Info that is unrecognisable by mere mortals

  woodchip 10:16 06 May 2011

A program hear that will do it.

  julius44 18:57 06 May 2011

hello woodchip thanks for your post, but ive clicked on the link for the prgram u mentioned, and it seems kinda complicated to use...from what i'm reading on the home page its NOT straigghtforward to use. I'm looking for something more or less that just 1 click and it does the rest.....with this program it does not seem to be straightforward.....see the link here:

  woodchip 19:03 06 May 2011

Yes you are right, it looks like its been compiled by a Linux Programmer.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:08 06 May 2011

Wiping freespace is what you can do in Ccleaner

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