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How will I know if I have a pci express slot?

  Tycho 19:38 12 Mar 2009

The title say it all!


  Eargasm 23:13 12 Mar 2009

You could always download SIW ( system information for windows) click here

Install then under Hardware / Video Tab/ Bus mode/ it will say if it's PCI Express.

  Tycho 08:44 13 Mar 2009

Thanks, Eargasm.

I have got that running but under Hardware/Video I don't see Bus mode (Its a tree structure on the LHS that I am looking at. There are Monitor, Modes and DirectX.

Under Hardware/PCI however, I get a heap of stuff. Is it here that I should be looking and for what?



  Technotiger 09:00 13 Mar 2009

In SWI>Hardware>System Slots ... this will list all your PCI slots and will show the PCI Express slots.

  Technotiger 09:01 13 Mar 2009

Sorry ... SIW, not SWI!

  Tycho 10:53 16 Mar 2009

That's really good. Thanks.

I have three slots available marked PCI and one marked PCI, AGP. It seems, then, that I have no PCI express slot.

Really elementry question: do the slot numbers realte to the positions in which the cards fit in the computer? Are they numbered from top to bottom or vice versa?

The reason that I am asking is that I am considering the purchase of a graphics card. I would like to be economical wit this because there is not a lot of point in buying a dead expensive graphics card for a five year old machine.

I would like to run Trainz and am wondering if my computer can ever be up to it. I have heaps of disc space and 2GB of memory.


  Tycho 10:54 16 Mar 2009

I forgot to ask:

Will an graphics card make any difference to my use of the computer in normal web browsing and office applications?


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