How to..where from... insert 'fish' sign as char

  AroundAgain 23:24 24 Oct 2009

Hi folks

Perhaps a longshot but can anyone tell me if there is a Christian 'fish' symbol within the font characters?

I realise I can insert a jpg or gif but it would be brilliant if I could find one in the Character Map (ie font selection grid thingy) then could just key in the particular character keyboard shortcut, change the font for that character.

If in the wrong forum, please direct me on ...

  wolfie3000 00:48 25 Oct 2009

Iv had a look round for a font that would have it but with no luck,
Maybe there are other forum members who can help with a font with it in, just to be sure this is the picture your after,

click here

The symbol itself is called Ichthys.

  Peter 00:49 25 Oct 2009


I think what you may be looking for is in the Symbol font. On my Windows XP computer it is shown in the Character Map programme as Character Code 0xA5, 8 rows down, 9 columns across.


  AroundAgain 10:46 25 Oct 2009

Good morning Lazarus

Thanks very much for your link. Yes, it has the fish symbols I am looking for, so have downloaded and installed that font.

I am now trying to get it into autocorrect but therre seems to be a 'glitch' in doing that for some reason. I am taking a break from doing that for the moment and will come back to it later.

After a reboot and a fresh mind etc, and His help, will try again later. Then, will hopefully put in autocorrect in Thunderbird too!!!

I really appreciate you efforts - thanks

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