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How to view Sky Channels on PC

  Bailey08787 19:26 20 Sep 2009


I have Sky HD in the lounge. I've attached an aerial between the RF Out on the back of the Sky box to my PC TV card (which has two digital tuners).

Through Windows Media Centre, I have picked up a raft of FreeView Channels (upon scanning for channels).

I was wondering whether it was possible to view channels such as Sky Sports on the pc through my TV card (even if it also has to be on that channel in the lounge).


  GaT7 21:59 20 Sep 2009

Hi Bailey08787, you'll need more than a just a standard TV Tuner card - DVB-S TV card & a CAM/CI device - see click here (main thread click here). G

  Quiet Life 22:32 20 Sep 2009

I may have missed something but if you have a coaxial cable between your sky box and the RF out connection on your TV card you should get whatever is showing on your sky box.
I presume this what you are saying by "I've attached an aerial between the RF Out on the back of the Sky box to my PC TV card"
Try the coaxial into another TV just to make sure that you get a picture through the coaxial.

  BRYNIT 23:11 20 Sep 2009

Years ago you had an analogue TV card in the computer this allowed you to tune into the RF signal sent via the RF out of the sky box the same as tuning the old video recorder to a TV.

If I'm correct the RF out from your sky box is still an analogue signal. Your digital tuners in the computer cannot tune to an analogue signal only digital. Crossbow7 seems to have one solution there may be others but have not found them as yet.

  Stuartli 08:47 21 Sep 2009

My Twinhn Freeview PCI TV card has both analogue and digital tuners.

It's also the case, for instance, with the relevant DTB Hauppauge cards:

click here

I suspect that Bailey08787 may have to switch his TV card(s) to analogue mode as and when necessary.

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