how to use USB ftransfer cable

  teka1722 17:29 26 Jul 2009

I have purchased a "USB 2.0 Cable USB Plug A To USB Plug A 1.5m Data/File Transfer Cable" from Amazon. It has come without any instructions or information not even a manufactureres name.

Please can you suggest how to proceed

i want to transfer files from onw iwndow Pc to another


  MAT ALAN 21:26 26 Jul 2009

no disc either, software from here
click here

when software opens just follow prompts...

  teka1722 21:47 26 Jul 2009

Thanks Nat

I want to transfer from Vista PC to PC with XP. The description on MS site only identifies transfer to the Vista PC.
Do you know if it will work in both directions?

  anchor 15:02 13 Aug 2009

This the MS link for the XP software, (Vista has it built in). Install the software on the XP machine. It "should" then work OK.

click here

  teka1722 13:07 02 Sep 2009

Thanks Anchor for reply

your link is for the same Microsoft software as suggested by Mat Alan, which is to transfer selected data to Vista and not in the reverse direction. It appears that the cable needed to use the MS software is intelligent i.e. has a "chip" in it to allow "first in/last out" tpe contol or similar.

What I want to do is use a cable described as "USB 2.0 Cable USB Plug A To USB Plug A 1.5m Data/File Transfer Cable" (which is just cable with no chip) from Vista to XP PCs

Can anyone confirm please that the Ms software requires a cable with "chip"

Thanks - Teka

  oldbeefer2 15:11 02 Sep 2009

You could always burn to a CD(s) using easy transfer then transfer to the XP machine, I think.

  Terry Brown 07:40 03 Sep 2009

Do you have the same ISP for both machines (Run from same router ?)

Is so, Activate File Sharing on both machines.

Go to Control Panel and select Netork Setup Wizard, follow instruction and link machines.(XP asks for a floppy disk, a thumbdrive does the same job)

Now just copy the files you want to the shared folder, and they will instantly available on the other machine.

Word of Warning:
If you delete a file rom the shared folder, it will be deleted on both machines.

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