How to use undercover xp

  ponytail 12:20 06 Sep 2013

This a follow up to my thread with the same title dated 29th July Have installed coverxp but would prefer to use undercover xp which I have used for several years but have problems with at the moment.This is what I do Open the program Click on L/H panel to find location to print from which is called Vuse Downloads which is located in documents but all it shows in that folder is old stuff which is no longer there it goes straight to that folder when I click on the panel left or right why would it not show what is currently in that folder and why is it showing things which are not there.I am on Windows 7

  finerty 17:08 06 Sep 2013


  SimpleSimon1 17:14 06 Sep 2013

Seems unlikely for a user that has been with us for 5.7 years and has made 700+ posts

  martd7 17:20 06 Sep 2013

Not spam at all the poor guys always asking for help especially on the subject of cover xp and undercover xp

  lotvic 19:56 06 Sep 2013

I have just downloaded the portable version of undercoverxp to see what you are meaning. It's a neat little program, I can see why you like it :)

After you have clicked in the lefthand pane and in the popup window that opens (for you to browse to the picture files to choose one) at the top it says: Look in: so I would guess that yours says to Look in Vuse Downloads. You can change that location by using the down triangle arrow at the end.

Program might be remembering thumbnails of old ones. This might clear it: try browsing to a different folder and choose a picture. You don't have to print it. Now shut program down and then reopen it and when you click in LH pane it will go to the last used folder, and from there you can browse to Vuse Downloads and see if it now shows the current files in there.

(ps: looks like finerty's on the pop again ;-))

  lotvic 20:02 06 Sep 2013

or maybe it's this setting? (explained in 'Online Help' tab on the link below)

Reload previous covers at startup: When this option is checked the covers you last used when closing UnderCoverXP are reloaded when UnderCoverXP is started again.

There are several options available in the Options dialog. Use the menu to select Options -> Options to access the dialog click here

  ponytail 07:44 07 Sep 2013

Thanks chaps for the advice but it is not spam When I click the down arrow at the end it only shows documents /vuse downloads no way of changing it

  ponytail 08:02 07 Sep 2013

I do not get a option to browse to another folder it is always the same thing vuse download containing files which are no longer in that folder

  ponytail 08:04 07 Sep 2013

I have also uninstalled the program twice and reinstalled it but it is still the same.Lotvic where did you download your version from

  lotvic 15:12 07 Sep 2013

I downloaded the .zip file via the 'Software' tab on my previous link click here

Try the portable version. It doesn't install in programs on your harddrive so there is no messing about uninstalling etc. You could put in a folder in your Documents if you want. I saved it to my usb flash drive, unzipped (extracted) and then clicked on the .exe to run it. (Avast popped up to warn me because I was running an .exe from a usb drive, so had to okay it with avast before it would continue)

  ponytail 17:34 07 Sep 2013

Thanks lotvic should I uninstall my current program could I saveit to my external drive and then extract it from there

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