How to use SD card with Sony photo frame

  Ed Addis 15:35 22 Feb 2018

I have a Sony DPF-E72N frame, and have only ever used the internal memory. I now want to display more pictures and have bought a 16GB SDHC card, but I can't seem to get the card recognised by the frame. The manual tells me nothing of any use. When I connect the frame to the PC, I can see the internal memory in file explorer, but not the SD card. I would have thought it would be possible to copy images onto the card with it in situ in the frame, but I've placed some images on the SD card directly from the PC, and re-inserted it, but the frame doesn't seem to find them. Can anyone tell me how this is supposed to work?

Many thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:13 22 Feb 2018

I wonder if the card is formatted? it is likely the frame will only see a FAT32 formatted card and will not recognise a NTFS card.

  BRYNIT 17:37 22 Feb 2018

Do you have the card formatted to FAT32?

Instructions from the manual.

The photo frame supports FAT32. The photo frame has been demonstrated as operable with a “Memory Stick” with a capacity of 16 GB or less manufactured by Sony Corporation. However, we do not guarantee the operations of all the “Memory Stick” media.

  Secret-Squirrel 18:43 22 Feb 2018

...bought a 16GB SDHC card but I can't seem to get the card recognised by the frame.

That's likely to be the cause of your problem because SDHC cards are not backwards compatible with older devices.

A low-capacity regular SD card should work fine.

  rdave13 19:19 22 Feb 2018

Specs for the Sony here.

Supported cards:

Memory Stick PRO, Memory Stick PRO Duo, MultiMediaCard, SD Memory Card, xD-Picture Card.

  Ed Addis 19:57 22 Feb 2018

Thanks for your replies. The card is formatted, but probably NTFS. Not sure if it's still possible to format to FAT32 any more these days - particularly from Windows 10 OS? The manual for the frame says that it's compatible with SDHC, so no issue there.

  rdave13 21:21 22 Feb 2018

There's this but I've not used it.

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