How to use a Projector with a Tower System

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Until recently our projector at work was used with a laptop so that you could see images both on the laptop screen and also on the projector screen. Now that we using a tower instead and the projector is using the VGA slot we are no longer able to view an image on the PC monitor. The PC uses onboard graphics.

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What operating system?

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Have a look for a VGA splitter or if you can get the IT department to do it add a pci Graphics card (not pci express)

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Cheers AndySD,We are only a small company so I am the IT dept.I wasn't sure you could get a VGA splitter and thought I would have to instal a Graphics Card but that would have then meant disabling the on board graphics so i would still have ended up with only one VGA slot and wasn't sure if you could get a GC with 2 VGA slots on it, It now looks like a splitter will do the job.

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no, no, no no, no This problem is easy to solve, but not always free! Your oS is irellevent. Treat the projector just the same as any monitor. You are correct that if you want to view the picture on a local monitor as well; you may need a VGADA. Some projectors let you loop out to a local monitor. If you buy a 2 output card then you will allways have it in the machine but will have to activate the second output, just like a laptop when needed. I am a video graphics engineer and display Powerpoint on screens upto 30ft wide, all over the world, every day of the week for product launches, TV and conferences.

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