how to use my laptop and base unit on one screen?

  Charlotte Simons 17:25 19 Apr 2017

I like to have my laptop extended over two screens (laptop screen and another monitor). I also have a computer which uses the same monitor and am currently disconnecting and connecting the computer in use at the time. is there any way to have both the laptop and the base unit connected at the same time and switch between them?

  Archonar 18:10 19 Apr 2017

I believe you are looking for something like this if I have understood the question right: click here.

You may need different ports (eg DVI, DisplayPort) depending on the output of the two computers.

  BRYNIT 18:48 19 Apr 2017

Does your monitor have more than one input connection? If it does you should find that you can connect 2 computers to the monitor and there should be a way of switching between these connections, have a read of the monitor instruction manual.

  Charlotte Simons 09:21 20 Apr 2017

hi Brynit, my monitor only has one input connection - so was considering upgrading the monitor if I could improve the connections - I am also going to look into the suggestion from Archonar - thank you both for your help.

  QuizMan 17:25 20 Apr 2017

My immediate thought was a KVM switch (short for keyboard/video/mouse). I used to fit those in my working days, but that was a good few years ago. Maybe others on this forum can recommend a suitable model.

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