How to use my Dropbox program

  ponytail 15:22 27 Apr 2014

I have Dropbox installed on my laptop but have only used it a couple of times so wondered if someone can advise on how to use it.I believe the people I want to send photos to need to have dropbox on their PC for it to work.

  Zak 15:48 27 Apr 2014
  spuds 16:03 27 Apr 2014

Glad this topic as come up,and thank you all, because only the other day Dropbox download seemed to appear on the W7 computer, probably part of an update(?).

Since then, I have had daily reminders to 'sign-up'. Now need to look at the two links provided for further information, before considering further action, or whether its a really wanted product on the computer?.

  ponytail 18:00 27 Apr 2014

So if I have some photos on my external drive that I want to send to my brother in Spain who does not have dropbox what do I do,Thanks again all

  spuds 18:23 27 Apr 2014

MechKB - Thanks for the latest advice.

  lotvic 11:29 28 Apr 2014

She's got to be somewhere, might as well be here as there.

  ponytail 21:53 30 Apr 2014

Sorry for the delay in coming back about this post.I need to send these photos to my brother in Wales but he does not have a PC.He has a email address and uses a computer in the liocal library when he needs to.So obviously he cannot put any programs on there but if I could send him the photos he could get them printed.There are about 30 photos which I took when I visited him last May.Any advise appreciated.Thank's again

  bumpkin 22:21 30 Apr 2014

Print them yourself and post them to him.

  ponytail 23:37 30 Apr 2014

Hi bumpkin I had thought of that and will probably do it that way although it would be easier,quicker and cheaper to just send them through drop box.Have just counted them and there are actually 41 photos which will use a lot of photo paper.

  AroundAgain 00:14 02 May 2014

Maybe you could put the photos onto a CD, post the CD to your brother, then he could take the CD to a photo shop in town and get them printed from the CD. He wouldn't need to have a computer himself.

  wee eddie 00:29 02 May 2014

Please don't get me wrong but aren't you barking up the wrong tree.

Unless I am very much mistaken, Dropbox is a Site, not a programme. You visit the site, enter the Account Number and Password, and then have access to any of the Photos stored there.

So, all you have to do is to give him the Account's Name and it's Password and he can download as many as he wishes

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