how to use ms-dos

  preston 13:51 18 Sep 2003

i need help in changing my drive prompts. how do i change from my c:prompt to my d:prommpt and vice versa.
what i have showing at the moment is C:\WINDOWS. need to get into some old disks for my nephew.

  MAJ 14:03 18 Sep 2003

Type D: and press return.

  DieSse 14:10 18 Sep 2003

Also to move between directories (folders)

CD is Change Directory - example

CD\test will change to the directory named test

CD\ changes to the root directory

CD.. goes backwards one step in the current directory chain.

  Pesala 16:17 18 Sep 2003

To display Help for an MS-DOS command

At the command prompt, type the name of the command you want Help on, followed by /?.
For example, type chdir /? to get Help on the chdir command.


To display Help one screen at a time, type the command followed by | more.
For example, type dir /? | more for Help on the dir command.

  Diemmess 17:26 18 Sep 2003

If you are not sure where the file you want is--- then you can start with any prompt (say- C:\Windows, and type........... DIR D: ......... this will show all files and "Directories" in D:

Obviously this is one step at a time, but avoids changing directories or drives when you are merely looking. Win... is faster!!

  Diemmess 17:30 18 Sep 2003

It is plodding but slow, and provided you know the path, you can search for listings in all sorts by the method of---- DIR D:\DATA\LETTERS etc.

  expertec 17:30 18 Sep 2003
  preston 21:33 18 Sep 2003

thanks to you all fur your help

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