How to use LabelFlash?

  livewire 00:25 23 Sep 2008


Ive got a DVD Writer which has "LabelFlash". Does anyone know how to use this?

Ive tried with Nero but the "burn" button is always greyed out. Do you need to have certain DVD media to be able to Label Flash?

Thanks for any tips!

  beeuuem 01:30 23 Sep 2008

Have a look at click here

  Diversion 02:04 23 Sep 2008

Hi it sounds the old Lightscribe discs, like the Lightscribe DVD or CD's you will need to buy media discs that you can burn the image onto.

They will be Labelflash DVD or CD discs that you burn an image onto the Label side of the discs, one of the two DVD rewriters that I've got on my computer is Lightscribe burner but I don't use it anymore. I print the labels out on a printer straight onto the disc.

The media discs are different colours but they only print in what they call greyscale that will be different shades of red on red discs and so on. The media discs work out about 70p to £1 per disc, that was for Lightscribe DVD’s and the CD’s were a bit cheaper; but for yours they could be cheaper.

  livewire 13:31 23 Sep 2008

Brill, thanks for the FAQ link!

Looks like its quite expensive so I'll stick to marker pens for the moment I think!

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