How to use internal speakers with a external sound

  Quse 23:32 02 Jan 2017

The soundcard on my toshiba p-50 satellite stopped working, therefore i can't use my internal speakers or audio jack. I purchased a usb audio jack so i could use my headphones but i'm still unable to use my internal speakers. I was thinking maybe an external sound card could do the trick, I'm not sure. Any suggestion on how I could use my internal speakers without having to go through the trouble of replacing the broken soundcard?

  Belatucadrus 00:13 03 Jan 2017

I can't think of any way of connecting internal speakers to an external soundcard as far as I'm aware they're hard wired to the internal soundcard and if that's gone they're not getting any signal and without popping the case and rewiring them that's how they'll stay. If anybody knows otherwise please say.

I'd be tempted to try a cheap compact Bluetooth speaker or combine the USB audio jack with some clip on speakers.

  wee eddie 00:16 03 Jan 2017

Unless I am very much mistaken, your Toshiba p-50 satellite does not have a Sound Card. Sound is "On-Board".

I think that you possibly have a problem with the settings. I shall have to leave that to someone more familiar with laptops.

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