How to use internal hard drive with USB adapter?

  Kash1 18:04 15 Sep 2015

I have a 3.5 seagate SATA hard drive pulled out of desktop computer. What kind of usb adapter do I need to use it as an external hard drive? I've checked amazon but most item seems to be for 2.5 SATA hard drive. Will these 2.5 SATA HDD usb adapters will for 3.5 hard drive? Does 3.5 hard drive need additional power?

  AroundAgain 21:53 15 Sep 2015


I have one of these. Not the best, I'm sure, but at only £5.71 and free delivery, I didn't complain and it worked well for connecting an old HDD taken from PC. I've used it many times and it's been fine.

click here, if you feel you want to spend more, Bipra do one at £19.99 but postage, see here click here at Maplins, at £39.99 here click here you search for 'SATA/IDE usnb to SATA/IDE cable you can take your choice.

Cheers AA

However or If

  Kash1 15:12 19 Sep 2015

Thanks for your replies.

I have bought this item.

Nothing seems to happen when I connect everything. I have used the 7 pin SATA data cable connected to the USB, and the power cable using the power adapter.

Should the hard drive start spinning as soon as the power is on?

On the instruction provided it says to set the device to master mode?

The hard drive I have is Seagate 3.5.

1]: [click here

  Kash1 15:45 19 Sep 2015

Here is the pic how its connected and what it looks like

  Kash1 15:46 19 Sep 2015

  Kash1 19:06 19 Sep 2015

Nothing happens :(

Nothing appears on the computer or any indication on my computer that something is connected.

The HDD does not make any sound when powered.

According to this video on YouTube click here the hard drive should make sound as soon as it receives power

  lotvic 20:27 19 Sep 2015

Take it off the carpet before static electricity kaputs the drive altogether.

If you have one, put an antistatic bag under it or use a cork placemat underneath it (cork side up).

Should the hard drive start spinning as soon as the power is on?


  Kash1 16:22 20 Sep 2015

I have tried again and it makes no sound at all.

I don't know if it is dead. I have taken this hard drive from my old PC. My old PC all of a sudden would not turn on. The old PC was switched off at the mains after the PC was shutdown, the next day it stopped working. Normally the switch is left on at the mains after the PC is shutdown.

When the hard drive was connected to the dead PC, I use to hear something making a sound which I couldn't tell if it was the fan or the hard drive when the mains power switched on.

Any idea what might be wrong?

  xania 13:32 21 Sep 2015

Sorry, but I disagree. The problem is that the HHD is now open to the elements. I think this is a far safer, and cheaper, way of doing the same thing:

click here

  bumpkin 15:52 21 Sep 2015

I use these click here

  bumpkin 15:58 21 Sep 2015

Not exactly the same make and mode, just to illustrate type. Plenty available for around that price, usualy with their own power supply.

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