How to use a HDMI hub

  ponytail 09:36 16 Nov 2012

I am trying to use a 3 way HDMI hub to conect my media player and my set top box to my TV which only has one HDMI socket.I set the TV input to HDMI and I get the signal through the set top box but cannot seem to get the media player to play.On the hub there are four sockets three incoming and one outgoing.I presume I connect the hub to the TV using the output socket and the incoming are to connect my devices to.Can both devices operate at the same time.There is a select button on the hub with a red LED nothing happens when I press it.I thought it might be for selecting which input socket to use.If I remove the HDMI lead from the media player the TV works and if I leave it in the media player works.Can someone advise sorry it is so longwinded and not sure which forum I was supposed to use

  Chronos the 2nd 10:42 16 Nov 2012

Can you post a link to the hub you are talking about?

  ponytail 13:08 16 Nov 2012

Hi Chronos the 2nd

Hope this link works

I have managed to set it up but cannot get any sound when I select the media player.The sound is ok when the TV is selected ie the set top box.I did get sound just now using the media player I then selected the desk top box that was ok but when I then selected the media player there was no sound and still unable to get sound

  Chronos the 2nd 15:33 16 Nov 2012

On my TV I have to select HDMI 1 or HDMI 2 all depending on what I have plugged in. With my PC as my HTPC graphics card does not have a HDMI output port I use a DVI to HDMI converter and to get sound it is also necessary to connect an audio cable. But I know I had to play around with various settings to get it sorted.

Unfortunately I have no experience in the item you are having problems with but I see that these things are not compatible with HDMI output devices without power adapter whatever that means. My first thought when seeing your problem was that it might be a lack of power issue.

Technology can be so frustrating when things just do not work straight out of the box and we have to faff around to get them to do even the simplest jobs.

I think you are right about the switch changing HDMI output but Googling around it seems that people find that this does not work very well.

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