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  ponytail 09:26 23 Sep 2014

I have managed to contact some of my family in Australia and have looked at where they live on Google Earth.All fine except for one area which keeps going down to ground level which means I am unable to move along the road.The other four locations are fine and can move along the streets.The street I am having problems withn is Called Wandoo Road,Kendenup Western Australia the postal code is 6323.Would love some help or advice. Thank's

  john bunyan 10:07 23 Sep 2014

Is the road name correct? I tried it on Google maps (street view) and Google earth, and the road was not recognised. Have a try with Google maps. For Maps and Earth you drag the yellow manikin to the place you want, but only blue roads work.

  wee eddie 11:06 23 Sep 2014

Is this a New(ish) Development.

Much of Google Earth is based on historic detail. My home, for example, has my old Van in front of it. Now I got rid of that in 2005. So, the picture, in use at your family's end may be even older than that.

  Woolwell 11:37 23 Sep 2014

The reason that you cannot find it is that it is a very recent development and is not on Google. which gives a map without showing a house.

  ponytail 11:49 23 Sep 2014

But I have been on that road before several time I went onto google and enter eiter wandoo road or 188 wandoo road and was able to travel along it and I remember My cousin saying that I seem to know the road better than him.I did not have google earth installed then just googled it.

  Woolwell 13:22 23 Sep 2014

Google Maps Streetview just shows an empty field. But to get to it to you have search using 188 Wandoo Road, Kendenup and Google turns up a map.

If you search using Google Earth using just 188 Wandoo Road then it finds the location and it shows a building site. Street view is useless at that location.

Bing Maps is no better.

  ponytail 14:51 23 Sep 2014

I just went into google earth and entered 188 wandoo road and I ended up in the middle of the ocean

  ponytail 14:54 23 Sep 2014

Just entered 188 wandoo road kendenup and ended up with the groun level view

  ponytail 14:57 23 Sep 2014

Just tried entering wandoo road kendenup without the 188 and it does not search tried clicking the enter key and also the search icon

  ponytail 15:00 23 Sep 2014

Just tried entering wandoo road kendenup without the 188 and it does not search tried clicking the enter key and also the search added the 188and go to the ground level scene. Very Puzzled

  ponytail 15:03 23 Sep 2014‎

Went to this site entered wandoo road kendenup and keep getting Beverley Road which looks to be in the same sort of area

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