how to use footbar to play a CD

  [DELETED] 02:09 13 Dec 2003

i cannot find any way to use footbar to play a CD.

Dose somebody know the method?

Thanks very much!!

  hugh-265156 02:40 13 Dec 2003

what is footbar please?

have you tried windows media player?

  powerless 02:45 13 Dec 2003

You mean the Taskbar?

Windows Media Payer?

Right click on the taskbar and click Toolbars, then click "Windows Media Player".

Open up Windows Media Player and minmize. You'll then have the player appear on the taskbar with play, pause etc...

  [DELETED] 03:44 13 Dec 2003

footbar is a mp3 player.
it is simple and uses very small resources of your system.

i know how to use windows media player to play a cd. but it takes a lot of resources- ram and cpu useage.

so i prefer footbar to windows media player, even if winamp.

but i don't know how to use footbar to play a CD.

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