How to use Excel to Calculate Standard VAT

  Durko 14:20 25 Nov 2004

Could someone advise how I calculate standard VAT (e.g. 17.5%) payments when using MS Excel.

Many thanks.

  Nosmas 14:33 25 Nov 2004

If you want to calculate only the VAT multiply the 'goods or services' value by 0.175. If you want to arrive at the VAT inclusive value multiply by 1.175.

If ever you want to calculate the net value of a figure that includes VAT then divide the latter by 1.175

  Peverelli 14:46 25 Nov 2004

Highlight cells A1, A2 & A3. Go to Format > Cells and under the Number tab, select currency - click on OK.

Then, in cell A1 enter the amount.

In cell A2 type: =A1*0.175 (This will give you the VAT payable)

In cell A3 type: =A1*1.175 (This will give you the total cost)

  Simsy 16:25 25 Nov 2004

to do this...

It's available here

click here

With instructions.

I hope it helps.

Note that I've just put the page there, just now, for this purpose. It wont be there for long!!



  Simsy 16:28 25 Nov 2004

That this doesn't do any formatting, just the arithmetic.

Also, I should probably add that I've not tested it on anything other than my system which is win98se and Excel 2000.



  recap 16:49 25 Nov 2004

One thing that may be useful is to make the percentage cell of the VAT value an absolute cell referenced cell.

If the cell is A1, an absolute cell referenced cell would look like this $A$1 in the formulae.

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